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Edge and Christian Photo Gallery

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Photo's are credited to Lyn's WWF Snapshots and the the Kat's KatKam,and Hellfire's Hot Men of Wrestling. See links for the URL's to these pages.


If I had told you 6 months ago that this would happen, would you have believed me?


Now That's Sexy

Aww...Christian's got a boo-boo

Now Edge has a boo-boo :(

I wonder what they're looking at?

Isn't he just a pretty boy?

Can you say Goofy?

What possessed them to do this?

Haha, that was priceless!

No comment...

Is it just me, or is Edge really sexy in that jersey?

What a cutie :)

Christian- "Don't You Ever Say That I Have Spit-Ends Again!"

"Damn I'm Sexy"

Back in the Day...

Back In The Day part 2

I'm scared, how about you?

I Love this pic

They both have this "what the hell is that?" look on their face

Ahhh, the very first pose...


Once Again, Damn

Three Times a charm, Damn

You'd never think they were the same people now...

Was Up Homie G's?

Haha, what a kodak moment.

Well they have their dumb blonde pose down anyway...

*SIGH* I wish they were still the champs...

Christians pic in the Wrestlemania Magazine

Edge's Pic in the Wrestlemania Magazine